Sentence Examples

  • An alloy consisting of 9 parts of lead, 2 of antimony and 2 of bismuth is used for stereotype plates.
  • 8vo, a collection of logarithmic and trigonometrical tables which has passed through many editions, a very useful one volume stereotype edition having been published in 1840 by Masse.
  • But the rule apparently obtains throughout that stereotype and compromise offer themselves as the exhaustive alternative.
  • It is well known "(says Professor Dill)" that the tendency of the later Empire was to stereotype society, by compelling men to follow the occupation of their fathers, and preventing a free circulation among different callings and grades of life.
  • Before the general introduction of rotary machines which print from curved stereotype plates from an endless web or reel Type of paper (see below), several other presses of a revol- Revolving ving character were made, to some extent based on Nicholson's ideas.

What's another word for stereotype?

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