Sentence Examples

  • On the whole, the preponderating preference has always been in favour of so-called extemporaneous, or free prayer; and the Westminster Directory of Public Worship has to a large extent stereotyped the form and order of the service in most Presbyterian churches.
  • The offering of divine honours to the king, which we saw begin under Alexander, became stereotyped in the institutions of the succeeding Hellenistic kingdoms. Alexander himself was after his death the object of various local cults, like that which centred in the shrine near Erythrae (Strabo, xiv.
  • The favouring bionomic conditions are those of a relatively constant environment under which relatively stereotyped responses are advantage ous.
  • But to all these Berthier in the emperor's name sent the stereotyped reply- " The emperor has ordered you to carry four days' provisions, therefore you can expect nothing further - you know the emperor's method of conducting war."
  • The living force of development in the Latin Church was symbolized in her garments; the stereotyped orthodoxy of the Greek Church in hers.

What's another word for stereotyped?

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