Sentence Examples

  • A witchcraft scare (at its worst in 1691-1697, though the earliest Connecticut case was in1646-1647and the earliest in Boston in 1648) led to another tragedy of ignorance.
  • His figure is that of a grotesque mountebank, intended to inspire joy or drive away pain and sorrow, his hideousness being perhaps supposed actually to scare away the evil spirits.
  • Of an enlightened and liberal ruler; but meanwhile " Josephinism " had not been justified by its results, and the progress of the Revolution in France was beginning to scare even enlightened princes into reaction.
  • After the arrival of Lord Dufferin as governor-general the incident known as the Panjdeh Scare brought Britain to the verge of war with Russia.
  • Their religion has been described as a kind of demonworship, consisting of rude dances and shouts raised to scare away the evil spirits, whom they confound with their ancestors.

What's another word for scare?

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