Sentence Examples

  • He wasn't the first to use that tactic to intimidate her.
  • She refused to back down, unwilling to let his attempt to intimidate her work.
  • 4 Especially the Electoral Law of 1874, which established a very unequal distribution of electoral areas, a highly complicated franchise, and voting by public declaration, thus making it easy for the government to intimidate the electors and generally to gerrymander the elections.
  • The responsibility certainly rests with the government of Charles which apparently intended to intimidate the Gustavians by the removal of one of their principal leaders.
  • They were allpowerful in the Jacobin Club (see Jacobins), where Brissot's influence had not yet been ousted by Robespierre, and they did not hesitate to use this advantage to stir up popular passion and intimidate those who sought to stay the progress of the Revolution.

What's another word for intimidate?

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