Sentence Examples

  • The biggest thing you two have against each other is that you're so much alike.
  • Lubomirski, Bronnitski, Wlocki, and the others of that group stirred up so much trouble that Barclay, under pretext of sending papers to the Emperor, dispatched these Polish adjutants general to Petersburg and plunged into an open struggle with Bennigsen and the Tsarevich.
  • So he sat down upon the floor of the cave, brought the piglets out one by one, and allowed them to run around as much as they pleased.
  • They soon mixed a tub of oatmeal with a little water, and Jim ate it with much relish.
  • It is this: When you oil your beard, don't oil it too much, lest it soil your clothing.

What's another word for much?

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