Sentence Examples

  • So, probably, the depth of the ocean will be found to be very inconsiderable compared with its breadth.
  • In width, forming at times forests of no inconsiderable size.
  • Platinum and the allied compound metal iridosmine have been found in New South Wales, but so far in inconsiderable quantities.
  • The Elsa and the Era, which join it on its left bank, descending from the hills near Siena and Volterra, are inconsiderable streams; and the Serchio, which flows from the territory of Lucca and the Alpi Apuani, and formerly joined the Arno a few miles from its mouth, now enters the sea by a separate channel.
  • 251269) a statement of his general views on ornithological classification which were based on a comparative examination of those bodies in various forms. It seems unnecessary here to occupy space by giving an abstract of his plan, 8 which hardly includes any but European species, because it was subsequently elaborated with no inconsiderable modifications in a way that must presently be mentioned at greater length.