Sentence Examples

  • It's certainly a fun way to spend the time, and you can most certainly whittle away oodles of time trying to figure out what your "unconscious" is trying to tell you, but if it's substance you're after, it may be better to look elsewhere.
  • Whatever look you're going for, deciding ahead of time the kind of energy you'd like to project can save you oodles of aggravation further down the road.
  • A personalized suitcase can be just the thing to help a child see that travel can be a grand and even glamorous adventure; one that's oodles of fun!
  • Well, for starters, if you've shaved your head and you can't stop wearing plaid capris, chances are you've been mistaken for a guy oodles of times.
  • Waiting until the first day of school for your teachers to tell you what you need will save you, Mom, and Dad a ton of patience and oodles of time!

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