Sentence Examples

  • In the West the period after Galen affords little evidence of anything but a gradual though unvarying decline in Roman medicine.
  • Under his leadership, Tarentum fought with unvarying success against the Messapii, Lucania and even Syracuse.
  • St Winifred's holy well, one of the wonders of Wales, sends up water at the rate of 21 tons a minute, of an almost unvarying temperature, higher than that of ordinary spring water.
  • Unvarying rules petrified action; the need of flexibility, of perpetual adjustment, was strongly felt" (Butcher, The Greek Genius, p. 182).
  • Nieremberg has not the enraptured vision of St Theresa, nor the philosophic significance of Luis de Leon, and the unvarying sweetness of his style is cloying; but he has exaltation, unction, insight, and his book forms no unworthy close to a great literary tradition.