Sentence Examples

  • They believe in the simple ease in which many can come to accept Christ as their Savior and that through Him, and His teachings, the rest will just naturally fall into place and grow within a person over time.
  • The orphan discovered he was heir to a legacy of magic and the savior of an entire people as "The Boy Who Lived." Seven books and eight films led to the creation of the Universal Studios attraction.
  • They also feel, for example, that a person is not a Christian until he or she has been completely submerged, and this should occur immediately after the confession of a belief in Christ as the Savior.
  • In addition to infusing any outfit with personality, color and class, they also serve as a savior for pack rats, partygoers, errand-runners, students, professionals and everyone in between.
  • For anyone whose summer at the beach is spoiled by the thought of having to display a figure that isn't quite as slender as it could be, the swim skirt is a real summer savior.