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Another word for sake

  1. Purpose

      1. A normal mental state; sanity:
      2. A fact or cause that explains why something exists or has occurred:
      3. A cause or motive
      1. The producer of an effect, result, or consequence.
      2. A reason, motive, or ground for some action, feeling, etc.; esp., sufficient reason
      3. A basis for an action or response; a reason:
      1. Anything offered as a reason or motive; ground
      2. A result, usually expressed numerically, of a test or examination.
      3. (Sports & Games) A usually numerical record of a competitive event:
      1. A motif in art, literature, or music.
      2. An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action.
      3. Some inner drive, impulse, intention, etc. that causes a person to do something or act in a certain way; incentive; goal
      1. A basic or essential quality or element determining intrinsic nature or characteristic behavior:
      2. A rule or standard, especially of good behavior:
      3. The ultimate source, origin, or cause of something
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  2. Welfare

      1. Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage:
      2. A form of compensation, such as paid vacation time, subsidized health insurance, or a pension, provided to employees in addition to wages or salary as part of an employment arrangement.
      3. Gain or advantage
      1. Support, interest, side, etc.
      2. Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; profit; support; defense; vindication.
      1. A relatively favorable position; superiority of means:
      2. A beneficial factor or combination of factors:
      3. Benefit or profit; gain:
      1. A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something:
      2. An interest group.
      3. Advantage; welfare; benefit
      1. The state of being healthy, happy, or prosperous; welfare.
      2. Alternative spelling of well-being.
      3. The state of being well, happy, or prosperous; welfare