Sentence Examples

  • More carefree individuals may find this protective nature stifling or restricting, but those who appreciate reliability won't feel smothered and will recognize this trait as a definite advantage.
  • Quartz watches are known for their reliability and excellent time keeping qualities and this makes them a great choice for a nurse, who needs to track exact times for administering medications or taking blood pressure and other vital signs.
  • Many people feel that the added frustration and lack of reliability aren't worth the few dollars you save from sending your SEO needs overseas - unless you are targeting that particular overseas market, in which case it is essential.
  • Although responses in projective tests are believed to reflect personality characteristics, many experts have called into question the reliability, validity, and hence, usefulness of these tests as diagnostic techniques.
  • Although Timex watches have a good reputation for reliability and many watches give great service for many years, if a watch is being sold secondhand then it might be that some of the functionality has ceased working.