Sentence Examples

  • Peter protested faithfulness unto death, but was told.
  • According to Herodotus he made his doubtful adherents deposit pledges of faithfulness in the temple of Apollo.
  • Iv.), His choice of Israel, and the love and faithfulness which He had shown towards it, by redeeming it from slavery in Egypt, and planting it in a free and fertile land; from which are deduced the great practical duties of loyal and loving devotion to Him, an uncompromising repudiation of all false gods, the rejection of all heathen practices, a cheerful and ready obedience to His will, and a warm-hearted and generous attitude towards man.
  • Sturla's power lies in his faithfulness to nature, minute observance of detail and purity of style.
  • God answers by demanding patience, and by declaring that the righteous shall live by his faithfulness (ii.