Sentence Examples

  • Not only is there a chance that a user can overdose from the ingredients found in crack cocaine, there is also no way to reliably tell from a glance that the drug purchased is exactly what the dealer says it is.
  • If your dog doesn't reliably follow basic commands - such as sit, stay, come, off, and leave it - sign up for a class with your local humane society or obedience club.
  • Unfortunately, it took many more years and some Japanese ingenuity before their textile scientists were able to reliably produce and weave that thin thread into something useful.
  • As of 2004 there was no one test or group of tests that can reliably diagnose DIC because it is a clinical event that occurs without warning, arising from another event such as surgery, childbirth, snakebite, and certain disease conditions.
  • Although numerous studies have found that the ClearPlan Fertility Monitor can reliably detect peak fertility days in women taking Clomid, it may not detect high fertility days in every case.