Sentence Examples

  • Characeae are separated from other Chlorophyceae by Ulvaceae that there is any pretension to the formation of a true a long interval, and present the highest degree of differentiation of parenchyma within the limits of the Chlorophyceae.
  • Just like that, any pretension of him being interested in her was gone.
  • Thus they make no pretension of any but business discussions at their conferences, and much benefit to all concerned follows as a matter of course.
  • It is inferred then that Hegel complements from the stuff of experience, and fails to make good the pretension of his method to be by itself and of itself the means of advance to higher and still higher concepts till it can rest in the Absolute.
  • Though for the most part poorly built, it has one or two buildings of some pretension - an ancient castle, a mosque, a Franciscan monastery, government buildings and barracks.