Sentence Examples

  • Charles opened a small business as an apothecary in Dublin, and between 1735 and 1741 he began his career as a pamphleteer by publishing papers on professional matters which led to legislation requiring inspection of drugs.
  • Of the Pamphleteer (1821).
  • NICHOLAS FRENCH (1604-1678), bishop of Ferns, was an Irish political pamphleteer, who was born at Wexford.
  • " We all know only one thing for certain," wrote the great Catholic pamphleteer, Louis Veuillot, " and that is that no one knows anything, except the man with whom God is for ever, the man who carries the thoughts of God."
  • LOUIS MARIE DE LA HAYE CORMENIN, VICOMTE DE (1788-1868), French jurist and political pamphleteer, was born at Paris on the 6th of January 1788.