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Another word for luxury

  1. Something costly and unnecessary

      1. A spending of more than is reasonable or necessary; excessive expenditure; wastefulness
      2. The quality of being extravagant:
      3. Immoderate spending:
      1. (Archaic, 17-19th centuries) A thing that is extravagant.
      2. Something extravagant.
      3. Extravagance.
      1. An edging or trimming of lace, etc., gathered or pleated and attached along one edge but free at the other; ruffle
      2. (Photog.) A wrinkling of the edge of a film, plate, etc.
      3. (Informal) Something that is desirable but not a necessity; a luxury.
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Another word for luxury

  1. Indulgence of the senses, regardless of the cost

  2. An indulgence beyond one's means

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