Sentence Examples

  • Maintained its rigid austerity, till in the course of years wealth impaired its discipline, and its members sank into indolence and luxury.
  • His life of ostentatious austerity, and the courage with which he met his death, had caused all his faults to be forgotten.
  • In the few months between the fall of Khartum and his death the mandi, relieved from the incessant strain of toil, copied in his private life all the vices of Oriental despots while maintaining in public the austerity he demanded of his followers.
  • Two court-singers, Sallama and Ilababa, exercised great influence, tempered only by the austerity of manners that prevailed in Syria.
  • In 1842 he withdrew to Littlemore, and lived there under monastic conditions with a small band of followers, their life being one of great physical austerity as well as of anxiety and suspense.