Sentence Examples

  • The button-down collar creates a crisper, more professional look, so that if the shirt fits well and is accompanied by a good tie, its inherent casualness or dweebiness is completely offset.
  • This look is perfect for beach weddings or when paired with short hemline dresses, where playfulness and casualness takes center stage.
  • "You need something?" he asked with a casualness that pissed her off, as if he didn't know why she was there.
  • He towered head and shoulders over the mostly female crowd and leaned with deceptive casualness that radiated danger against one of the pillars in the food court.
  • The entire procedure oper­ated with a casualness to it that seemed to make fun of the seri­ous nature of what was happening, while the rules seemed more important than what they were designed to accomplish.