Sentence Examples

  • This seems like an unusual move for an actress who has been mindful of her image and publicity and has been loathe to do even a basic swimsuit photo shoot, let alone something for a men's magazine like Maxim.
  • Provides generous coverage: For those who prefer to dress a bit more modestly, but loathe looking out of place at the beach, a tank top can be a good fit as this style helps on both fronts.
  • When characters can loathe a character's actions, yet still love the character (such as is the case with Jack Abbott) then the writers must be applauded for doing such a fantastic job.
  • She instantly became a household name, and whether you love her or loathe her, there's no denying that she is one of the best-known female political figures in the country.
  • No Panty Line Promise Modal Sleeveless Tank: If you loathe long sleeves or just like to keep your arms bare under your shirts and sweaters, then consider this tank.