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Another word for leverage

  1. The power to produce an effect by indirect means

      1. A person, group, or thing that has influence
      2. The action or effect of such power
      3. A person who exerts such power:
      1. Influence or control:
      2. Sovereign power or authority; rule; dominion
      3. Influence, force, or control
      1. The number of pounds a horse is required to carry for a particular race, including the weight of the jockey, the saddle, and, often, added lead weights
      2. The greater part; preponderance:
      3. A measure of the heaviness of an object:
      1. A piece of cloth, especially a baby's diaper.
      2. Power or influence; esp., political power
      3. Influence; pull:
      1. Drawing power; appeal
      2. (Slang) A means of gaining special advantage; influence:
      3. The force needed to move a weight, trigger, etc., measured in pounds
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Another word for leverage

      1. The act or an instance of buying:
      2. A means or advantage that allows the increase of power or influence.
      3. A hold or position that allows the application of power, as in moving something:
      1. Power or force available for raising:
      2. A machine or device designed to pick up, raise, or carry something.
      3. The amount lifted at one time
      1. A thing to hold or hold on by
      2. A control or adjustor on a television that keeps the screen image in proper position:
      3. A bond or force that attaches or restrains, or by which something is affected or dominated:
      1. A relatively favorable position; superiority of means:
      2. A beneficial factor or combination of factors:
      3. Benefit or profit; gain:
      1. (Northern England) Falls. used in place names.
      2. A person or group capable of influential action:
      3. The use of physical power or violence to compel or restrain:
      1. Something placed in back or forming a back for support or strength, adhesion, etc.
      2. A liner or other material added behind or underneath.
      3. Support given to a person or cause
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