Sentence Examples

  • This is an attempt to explain how it came that Christ, though incarnate God, could be in error, e.g.
  • He believed in a personal Son of God who was the Reason and Wisdom of God; and he believed that this Son of God really became incarnate though he speaks of him almost invariably as the Word, and attaches little value to his human nature.
  • Incarnate, 2 to 4 ft., produces deep rose sweet-scented flowers towards the end of summer.
  • Hubert and Mauss interpret this to mean that the sanctity of the remainder of the herd was concentrated on a single animal; the god, incarnate in the herd, was eliminated by the sacrifice, and the cattle saved from the dangers to which their association with the god exposed them.
  • 13) along with the humbled or Incarnate Christ on earth, seem to fail of unifying experience even at the single point.