Sentence Examples

  • This is an attempt to explain how it came that Christ, though incarnate God, could be in error, e.g.
  • Incarnate, 2 to 4 ft., produces deep rose sweet-scented flowers towards the end of summer.
  • He believed in a personal Son of God who was the Reason and Wisdom of God; and he believed that this Son of God really became incarnate though he speaks of him almost invariably as the Word, and attaches little value to his human nature.
  • Orthodox churchmen, Evangelical and Tractarian alike, were alarmed by views on the incarnate nature of Christ that seemed to them to impugn his Divinity, and by concessions to the Higher Criticism in the matter of the inspiration of Holy Scriptures which appeared to them to convert the "impregnable rock," as Gladstone had called it, into a foundation of sand; sceptics, on the other hand, were not greatly impressed by a system of defence which seemed to draw an artificial line beyond which criticism was not to advance.
  • 13) along with the humbled or Incarnate Christ on earth, seem to fail of unifying experience even at the single point.