Sentence Examples

  • Take the time to personalize it - These cards are designed to be printed out on heavy paper, such as card stock, and then either cut out and placed in a regular business- size envelope or folded in quarters like a traditional card.
  • Whether you want to personalize a poem for an individual or an organization of volunteers, making the poem sound as though it were written just for that individual or group to show your gratitude will always be appreciated.
  • Some companies send the entire candy bar favor all wrapped up and ready for packaging, others send only the personalized wrapper, and still others sell a basic wrapper design for customers to personalize at home themselves.
  • The book includes nutrition recommendations from the American Diabetes Association (ADA), details how to personalize your meals, provides vitamin and supplement information, and explains how to read food labels and more.
  • For some couples, the opportunity to write vows rather than simply recite traditional wedding vows is a way to personalize the wedding ceremony and express feelings that may not be adequately rendered in formulaic vows.