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Another word for objectify

  1. To represent (an abstraction, for example) in or as if in bodily form

      1. To represent in bodily or material form:
      2. To bring together into an organized whole
      3. To give a bodily form to; incarnate.
      1. To give or attribute an external form or objective character outside the self to (states of mind, attitudes, etc.)
      2. To expose an internal organ or body part, as in surgery.
      3. To turn outward; externalize:
      1. (Economics) To direct to others, as costs or benefits.
      2. To project or attribute (inner conflicts or feelings) to external circumstances or causes.
      3. To manifest externally:
      1. To be the type or embodiment of
      2. To realize in action or fact; actualize:
      3. To give bodily, especially human, form to.
      1. To appear to the senses; show itself
      2. To enter in a ship's manifest
      3. To become manifest; be revealed:
      1. To become fact; develop into something real or tangible; be realized
      2. To give material form or characteristics to; represent in material form
      3. To regard as matter; to consider or explain by the laws or principles which are appropriate to matter.
      1. To take (a general remark or characterization) in a personal manner.
      2. To apply or understand as applied to a particular person, esp. to oneself
      3. To render personal rather than impersonal or purely professional:
      1. To think of or represent (an inanimate object or abstraction) as having personality or the qualities, thoughts, or movements of a living being:
      2. To represent (an object or abstraction) by a human figure.
      3. To be the embodiment or perfect example of:
      1. To prove the truth of or support with proof or evidence:
      2. To show to be true or real by giving evidence; prove; confirm
      3. To give substance or true existence to
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Another word for objectify

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