Sentence Examples

  • He might come off as something of a stuffed shirt, were it not his taste for detective fiction of the hard-boiled Dashiell Hammett variety and he often enjoys experiencing life as Private Eye Dixon Hill in a holodeck game.
  • It was designed with miners in mind and was called the "Hard-Boiled Hat" because of the way it was manufactured from steamed canvas, glue, and black paint.
  • Whatever method you like to use to boil your eggs, once you have your hard-boiled eggs ready, your next step is to prepare your egg salad sandwich recipe.
  • Easter is here and with it comes all those leftover hard-boiled eggs, which isn't a problem if you have recipes that show you how to use boiled eggs.
  • For example, the written plan may include oatmeal for breakfast with no sugar, while you could eat soft or hard-boiled eggs for the same calories.