Graduate Synonyms and Antonyms

Person who completes education, pursuit
  1. alumnus
  2. alumna
  3. alum
  4. grad
  5. recipient of a degree
  6. recipient of a certificate
  7. former student
  8. holder of a degree
  9. holder of a certificate
  10. baccalaureate
  11. bachelor
  12. licentiate
  13. diplomate
  14. product
  1. undergraduate
To give a degree
  1. grant a degree to
  2. grant a diploma to
  3. grant a certificate to
  4. confer a degree on
  5. confer a diploma on
  6. confer a certificate on
  7. send-out
  8. certify
  9. give a sheepskin to
To receive a degree
  1. receive a degree
  2. be awarded a degree
  3. win a degree
  4. earn a degree
  5. take a degree
  6. receive a diploma
  7. be awarded a diploma
  8. win a diploma
  9. earn a diploma
  10. receive a certificate
  11. alum
  12. be awarded a certificate
  13. earn a certificate
  14. become an alumna
  15. become an alumnus
  16. get out
  17. finish
  18. finish-up
  19. become qualified
  20. alumna
  21. be certificated
  22. be commissioned
  23. get a B.A.
  24. get an M.A.
  25. get a Ph.D.
  26. get an M.D.
  27. get a sheepskin
  28. grad
  29. pass
To mark gradations
Of or relating to studies beyond a bachelor's degree
  1. postgraduate

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