Sentence Examples

  • I graduate next month, so I'll let her know with an invitation.
  • In 1886 Spring Hill College, Birmingham, was transplanted to Oxford, where it was refounded under the title of Mansfield College, purely for the post-graduate study of theology (first principal, Dr. A M.
  • Massachusetts Bay had a large learned element; it is supposed that about 1640 there was an Oxford or Cambridge graduate to every 250 persons in the colony.
  • The university embraces a college and engineering school, the Western Pennsylvania School of Mines and Mining Engineering, a graduate department, an evening school of economics, accounts and finances, a summer school, evening classes, Saturday clasess, and departments of astronomy (the Allegheny Observatory, in the Allegheny district), law (the Pittsburg Law School), medicine (the Western Pennsylvania Medical College), pharmacy (the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy) and dentistry (the Pittsburgh Dental College).
  • In 1879-1882 he lectured on theology at Andover Theological Seminary, and in 1883 at Harvard, where in 1895-1896 he conducted a graduate seminary in ethics.