Sentence Examples

  • In 1248 he returned to Cologne with Albertus, and was appointed second lecturer and magister studentium.
  • Round each lecturer in 22, Sultans private entrance.
  • Caspar Koolhaes, the heroic minister of Leiden - its first lecturer, too, in divinity - pleaded against a too rigid uniformity, for such an agreement on "fundamentals" as had allowed Reformed, Lutherans and Anabaptists to unite.
  • In 1842 he took a "double-first" and was elected fellow of B alliol, and lecturer in mathematics and logic. Four years later he took orders, and with the aim of helping forward the education of the very poor, he accepted the headship of Kneller Hall, a college which the government formed for the training of masters of workhouse and penal schools.
  • During the brief period of his married life he held the 'appointment of lecturer at Buckingham Hall, now Magdalene College.