Sentence Examples

  • That may very well be, but when you're driving a motorcycle at 65 miles per hour on the freeway and the wind hitting your face is being shot up underneath the frames of your sunglasses, you might think a bit differently.
  • Atkins was in The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields who was in Freeway with Kiefer Sutherland who was in Phone Booth with Colin Ferrell, who was in Minority Report with Tom Cruise who was in A Few Good Men with...
  • Richie, who is awaiting trial from the December 2006 arrest for driving the wrong way on a California freeway while under the influence of alcohol, simply tried to brush the ticket off her car with the wipers.
  • When that jerk cut you off on the freeway, or the boss decided to make your day a living hell, your body reacted like its programmed to do with elevated stress hormones and readiness to spring into action.
  • When Luke Skywalker buzzes around in his landspeeder, the average fan would never associate the familiar whoosh with the roar of the Los Angeles Harbor Freeway played through a vacuum-cleaner pipe.