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Another word for essential

  1. Constituting or forming part of the essence of something

  2. Of or being an irreducible element

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  3. Incapable of being dispensed with

  1. A fundamental irreducible constituent of a whole

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Another word for essential

  1. Rooted in the basis or essence

Synonym Study

  • Necessary implies a pressing need but does not always connote absolute indispensability
  • Requisite is applied to that which is required by the circumstances or for the purpose and generally suggests a requirement that is imposed externally rather than an inherent need the requisite experience for a position
  • An indispensable person or thing cannot be done without if the specified or implied purpose is to be achieved her diagnostic skills proved indispensable to the clinic
  • Essential , in strict usage, is applicable to that which constitutes the absolute essence or the fundamental nature of a thing and therefore must be present for the thing to exist, function, etc. food is essential to life