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Another word for directive

  1. An authoritative indication to be obeyed

      1. An authoritative command.
      2. An urgent request:
      3. An order, command, or request
      1. A command or request
      2. Bids considered as a group, as at an auction or in card games:
      3. That which one is bidden to do; a command.
      1. Expense; cost:
      2. Instruction or command, esp. instruction in points of law given by a judge to a jury
      3. An order, command, or injunction.
      1. The post where the person in command is stationed
      2. (Comput.) A request entered by means of a keyboard, mouse, etc. to have a particular function performed
      3. An order; direction; mandate
      1. The act of commanding; exercise of authority.
      2. Something that must be obeyed; a command or edict.
      3. An authoritative command or order; mandate; precept; specif., any of the Ten Commandments
      1. An authoritative command
      2. A guiding principle:
      3. A guiding principle or requirement
      1. (Music) A word, phrase, or sign showing how a note, passage, etc. is to be played
      2. The management, supervision, or guidance of a group or operation:
      3. An authoritative order or command:
      1. (Law) A court order requiring a party to refrain from doing a particular act or to do a particular act.
      2. A writ or order from a court prohibiting a person or group from carrying out a given action, or ordering a given action to be done
      3. That which is enjoined; an order; a mandate; a decree; a command; a precept; a direction.
      1. Imparted knowledge:
      2. An authoritative direction to be obeyed; an order:
      3. A command or order
      1. In Roman law, a commission or contract by which a person undertakes to do something for another, without recompense but with indemnity against loss
      2. (Law) An order from a higher court or official to a lower one: a mandate on remission is a mandate from an appellate court to the lower court, communicating its decision in a case appealed
      3. The wishes of constituents expressed to a representative, legislature, etc., as through an election and regarded as an order
      1. A style of building:
      2. A command, direction, or instruction, usually backed by authority
      3. A sequence or arrangement of successive things:
      1. Used euphemistically in combination with the initial letter of a term that is considered offensive or taboo or that one does not want to utter:
      2. An assurance or promise; sworn intention:
      3. A command or direction; an order:
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