Sentence Examples

  • This is where we delve into the realms of a deep trance phenomenon, the medium in which our creative activity takes place.
  • They definitely don't get too detailed, but with a Silent Hill movie in pre-production, they definitely had to make things a little more coherent for those of us who don't do acid and delve entirely too deep into the world of Silent Hill.
  • Very occasionally parents will be asked to grade an essay, but most items are graded automatically by the system, creating a lot of free time for you to focus on unit studies or unique lessons that delve deeper into a chosen topic.
  • Moreover, the Fitbit Tracker allows you to delve deeply into your sleep habits by alerting you to how many hours you've slept, the quality of sleep you've achieved and the number of times that you have woken up during the night.
  • Of course, future teachers should have practiced yoga before signing up for teacher training, but it's also a good idea to become familiar with the history and philosophy of the art as you delve deeper into the world of yoga.