Sentence Examples

  • All the cities along the Mississippi River had been marked as contaminated to some extent.
  • 2, 3) likes water contaminated by the visits of cattle or the drainings of manure.
  • 28 became "contaminated " by the legend of St Joseph of Arimathaea and the Holy Grail, and took the form given in Roger of Wendover and Matthew Paris.
  • [Lord Kelvin's formula (I) may be applied to find the surf acetension of a clean or contaminated liquid from observations upon the length of waves of known periodic time, travelling over the surface.
  • Galena (q.v.), the principal lead ore, has a world-wide distribution, and is always contaminated with silver sulphide, the proportion of noble metal varying from about o of or less to o 3%, and in rare cases coming up to 2 or i %.