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Another word for clunk

  1. A stroke or blow, especially one that produces a sound

      1. (Physics) A variation in the amplitude of a wave, especially that which results from the superpositioning of two or more waves of different frequencies. When sound waves are combined, the beat is heard as a pulsation in the sound.
      2. (Ballet) A movement in which one leg is brought in contact with the other or both legs are brought together in the air
      3. (Informal) A person or thing that surpasses
      1. The part of a canal between two locks, and therefore at the same water level.
      2. A former Scottish monetary unit (pound Scots), originally equal to the British pound
      3. The pound key on a telephone.
      1. A heavy blow
      2. A blow or fall causing such a sound.
      3. A dull sound, as that of a heavy object striking a solid surface.
      1. A blow, as with a blunt object.
      2. The dull sound made by such a blow
      3. A muffled sound, as that produced by beating with a blunt object; a thud.
  1. To make a dull sound by or as if by striking a surface with a heavy object

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