Sentence Examples

  • Conversely, you can mix casual vintage pieces, such as a 1950s bomber or Eisenhower jacket in tweed, leather or cotton, worn with khakis, cords or dark jeans and a polo shirt.
  • If you're looking for a cleat model which is slightly less expensive than the Reebok Pump Mania, then the Under Armour Bomber Mid Metal Baseball Cleat should be considered.
  • Some of these parents have gone beyond just buying Star Wars bedding to actually constructing a bed that is part of a Y-wing bomber or the underbelly of an Imperial Walker.
  • Bomber jackets, also called aviator jackets, date back to World War I when the pilots needed clothing that kept them warm in the sky while they were fighting or bombing.
  • A blue jean or leather bomber jacket thrown over the top of a polo shirt will give it that weekend feel, even if you're wearing khakis instead of blue jeans.