Sentence Examples

  • The do-it-yourself approach provides a constant view of what's really happening in your business, with automated functions avoiding a great deal of time-consuming hand entry work needed for daily accounting.
  • Rowse also talks about how you run the risk of running afoul of copyright and other plagiarism laws since automated programs can't really ask permission to use content, and that can get you and your blogs in trouble.
  • Registration provides you with access to numerous features including the ability to review past statements and transactions, view current statements and activity and even set up automated or one time online payments.
  • They're designed similarly to an upright cycle, with a saddle seat and pedals positioned vertically underneath the seat, but instead of automated resistance levels, you manually adjust the resistance yourself.
  • By and large, self-cleaning litter boxes use a combination of clumping cat litter, an electronic sensor and an automated raking system to detect soiled clumps of litter and push them into a waiting receptacle.