Sentence Examples

  • Little ones love the mobility that comes with sitting on a ride-on toy, and older kids love the freedom and the power that comes with riding a bicycle or motorized bike or scooter.
  • Restraint System Discounts - Sometimes called a seatbelt or airbag discount, this applies to vehicles that have passive restraint systems, such as airbags and factory-installed motorized seatbelts.
  • A Wild Tail Motorized Ball Cat Toy is the next-best-thing to live prey, and is certainly a more humane toy for your cat to entertain itself with.
  • There was also a famous "body chute", through which the dead would travel down on a motorized rail and cable system to the waiting vehicle.
  • Of course it's perfectly fine to purchase that motorized car or jeep, but be sure and give your child a kid-powered toy as well, like a tricycle.