Sentence Examples

  • When that jerk cut you off on the freeway, or the boss decided to make your day a living hell, your body reacted like its programmed to do with elevated stress hormones and readiness to spring into action.
  • One of the key features of alarm clocks with programmable snoozes is that the amount of time between the first alarm and the resounding of the second or subsequent alarms after a snooze can be programmed and customized.
  • In T2, young John discovers that the old-model terminator who saves his life is programmed to follow orders from John Connor; he uses this handy fact to force the terminator to spring his mom from the insane asylum.
  • High-end models feature sophisticated thermostats that can be set or even programmed in some cases, while base models feature a simple Low-Medium-High control knob that manually controls the flame when it is turned.
  • The decisive moment in the episode - and a nod to the value of live pets - was when an intruder broke in and the electronic dog that was programmed to attack anyone with a mask on, ended up attacking George instead.