Sentence Examples

  • Forgiveness of injuries was as alien from her fierce and loyal spirit as forgetfulness of benefits; the destruction of England and its liberties by Spanish invasion and conquest was the strongest aspiration of her parting soul.
  • Xxiii.) blend together his desire that his family should retain the kingship, and his aspiration for a kingdom of righteousness on earth.
  • At the same time the spiritual teaching of the mystics awakened in many minds an aspiration which the Church, in its corrupt state, could not satisfy, and which was in any case unfavourable to an external authority.
  • His aspiration that colonists and Americans should be attracted to Oxford has been realized by Mr Rhodes's will.
  • I It is remarkable that the Liberal government, despite this aspiration, and despite stronger language used by Mr Gladstone, did nothing to give the Boers any real self-government.