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Another word for adjudge

  1. To make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law

      1. A person appointed to rule on plays, especially in baseball.
      2. A person appointed to settle a dispute that mediators have been unable to resolve; an arbitrator.
      3. To act as referee for; rule or judge.
      1. Governing power or its possession or use; authority.
      2. The duration of such power.
      3. An authoritative, prescribed direction for conduct, especially one of the regulations governing procedure in a legislative body or a regulation observed by the players in a game, sport, or contest.
      1. One to whom something is referred, especially for settlement, decision, or an opinion as to the thing's quality.
      2. An official supervising the play; an umpire.
      3. A person appointed by a court to assist a judge in the trying of a case or to hear certain types of cases.
      1. To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration:
      2. To hear and decide on in a court of law:
      3. To pass sentence on; condemn.
      1. To establish or ascertain definitely, as after consideration, investigation, or calculation:
      2. To give direction to by making decisions; devise or control:
      3. To decide or settle (a dispute, for example) conclusively and authoritatively.
      1. An authoritative order having the force of law.
      2. The judgment of a court of equity.
      3. The judgment of a court.
      1. To reach a conclusion or form a judgment or opinion about (something) by reasoning or consideration:
      2. To cause to make or reach a decision:
      3. To settle conclusively all contention or uncertainty about:
      1. To judge or decide in or as in the manner of an arbitrator:
      2. To submit to settlement or judgment by arbitration:
      3. To serve as an arbitrator or arbiter.
      1. To make a decision (in a legal case or proceeding), as where a judge or arbitrator rules on some disputed issue or claim between the parties.
      2. To study and settle (a dispute or conflict):
      3. To act as a judge of (a contest or an aspect of a contest).