Sentence Examples

  • Through any point 0 in this common perpendicular draw 0A1 parallel to B~C~ and OAi parallel to B2C,; make those lines pro B1 C2 portional to the angular velocities D ~ about the axes to which they are P respectively paiallel; complete the ~ B2 parallelogram OA1 EA2, and draw the diagonal OE; divide BiBf in D into C, two parts, inversely proportional to the angular velocities about the axes which they respectively adjoin; A2 through D parallel to OE draw DT.
  • Reading and assembly rooms adjoin the pump-room.
  • The other buildings in Old Cairo, or among the mounds of rubbish which adjoin it, include several fort-like dens or convents.
  • The fringing or partially enclosed seas adjoin the great land masses and are only separated from the oceans by islands or peninsulas.
  • " By those nine treaties," he said, " we have, I hope, dealt with all the questions that are likely to arise between the United States and Canada - questions relating to boundary; questions relating to the disposal and the use of boundary waters; questions relating to the fisheries in the international waters where the two countries adjoin one another; questions relating to the interests which we have in sealing in the Behring Sea, and many other matters."