Sentence Examples

  • Both ranges abut at their eastern or E.N.E.
  • Condition of Stability of FrictionIf the resistance to be N exerted at a joint is always perpendicular ~ to the surfaces which abut at and form that joint, there is no tendency of the P pieces to be displaced by sliding.
  • Stable at a given point, conceive that point to be traversed by plane in all oossible positions, and determine which position gives thi greatest obliquity to the total pressure exerted between the portions of the mass which abut against each other at the plane.
  • Secondly, to the west of this mountain wilderness, stretching upwards from the sea in a wedge form between the Brahui highlands and the group of towering peaks which enclose the Hingol river and abut on the sea at Malan, are the alluvial flats and delta of the Purali, forming the little province of Las Bela, the home of the Las Rajput.
  • And 42° 13' N.) and the Otun-koza or Barkul depression in 92°-93° E., where the northern ranges of the system abut upon the Ek-tagh Altai; and this conception and limitation of the term are more or less accepted by some European geographers, e.g.