Sentence Examples

  • The Adjoint or Reciprocal Determinant arises from A = (a11a22a33 ...a nn) by substituting for each element A ik the corresponding minor Aik so as to form D = (A 11 A 22 A 33 ��� A nn).
  • Its value is therefore O n and we have the identity D.0 = A n or D It can now be proved that the first minor of the adjoint determinant, say B rs is equal to An-2a�.
  • The adjoint determinant is the (n - I) th power of the original determinant.
  • The adjoint determinant will be seen subsequently to present itself in the theory of linear equations and in the theory of linear transformation.
  • It is easy to see that the adjoint determinant is also 'symmetrical, viz.