Sentence Examples

  • I wouldn't even take a stab at it.
  • During the 140 days of his imprisonment there he wrote the marvellous Iambes (in alternate lines of 12 and 8 syllables), which hiss and stab like poisoned bullets, and which were transmitted to his family by a venal gaoler.
  • They will hold their arms over their heads until the muscles atrophy, will keep their fists clenched till the nails grow through the palms, will lie on beds of nails, cut and stab themselves, drag, week after week, enormous chains loaded with masses of iron, or hang themselves before a fire near enough to scorch.
  • If anyone, and I mean anyone, comes this way, you stab first, talk later.
  • Nicholas was about to stab her, but Daniel whispered, Don't!

What's another word for stab?

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