Sentence Examples

  • She awoke in a sweat, the blurred scenes of gore and screams of dying from her dreams fading.
  • In 1747, by the royal decree establishing the boundary between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Attleborough Gore, with other territory formerly under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts, was annexed to Rhode Island, and the township of Cumberland was incorporated, the name being adopted in honour of William Augustus, duke of Cumberland.
  • Gore, Dissertations (1895); Hoffmann, Die Abendmahlsgedanken Jesu Christi (Konigsberg, 1896); Sanday, art.
  • Mr Gore, starting from the same basis of faith and authority, soon found from his practical experience in dealing with the "doubts and difficulties" of the younger generation that this uncompromising attitude was untenable, and set himself the task of reconciling the principle of authority in religion with that of scientific authority by attempting to define the boundaries of their respective spheres of influence.
  • The only other public buildings, beyond those at Westminster, which fall into a great group are the modern museums, the Imperial Institute, London University and other institutions, and Albert Hall, which lie between Kensington Gore and Brompton and Cromwell Roads, and these, together with the National Gallery (in Trafalgar Square) and other art galleries, and the principal scientific, educational and recreative institutions, are considered in Section V.

What's another word for gore?

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