Sentence Examples

  • Sefstrom's blast furnace, used in Sweden for the assay of iron ores, is a convenient form of portable furnace applied to melting in crucibles.
  • Both the St Francois and Jasper ores yield from 70 to 75% of metal in final product, and assay even higher.
  • Various portions, each weighing 10 seers (of 23 5 lb), are selected by test assay so as to ensure the mass being of standard consistence (70% of the pure dry drug and 30% of water), and are thrown into shallow drawers and kneaded together.
  • To simplify calculation and to enable the assayer to use the metric system of weights employed in all chemical calculations, the "assay ton" ("A.T."
  • = 29.166 grammes) has been devised, which bears the same relation to the ton of 2000 lb avoirdupois that one milligram does to the troy ounce; when one assay ton of ore is used, each milligram of gold or silver found represents one ounce to the ton.

What's another word for assay?

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