Sentence Examples

  • A gash in one leg prevented him from rising, and he whined as she knelt beside him.
  • The scent of blood drew his gaze to her forearm, where a long gash was visible in the moonlight.
  • The town, a military station of some importance, lies on the river Gash (Mareb) in 15° 28' N., 36° 24' E., 260 m.
  • It is a region of light rainfall, and cultivation depends chiefly on the Gash flood.
  • The colony contains no navigable streams. For a short distance the Setit (known in its upper course as the Takazze), a tributary of the Atbara, forms the frontier, as does also in its upper course the Gash or Mareb (see Abyssinia).

What's another word for gash?

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