Sentence Examples

  • To the visitor from Europe the attraction of Tunis lies in the native city, where, in the Rue al Jezira, along which runs electric trams, he can see hundreds of camels in the morning bearing charcoal to market; where he may witness the motley life of the bazaars, or, by the Bab-Jedid, watch the snake-charmers and listen to the Moorish storytellers.
  • Was raised in the midst of a motley but increasing crowd.
  • From Japan a similar animal is obtained in smaller quantities with very good but longer fur, of yellowish motley light-brown shades.
  • Want of supplies checked the Confederates after a few marches, while Schofield was pressing forward to meet them at Pulaski and Thomas was gathering, at Nashville, a motley army drawn from all parts of the west.
  • Such a motley throng of competent men had never before been seen at the court of France.

What's another word for motley?

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