Sentence Examples

  • These crocuses of the flower garden are mostly horticultural varieties of C. vernus, C. versicolor and C. aureus (Dutch crocus), the two former yielding the white, purple and striped, and the latter the yellow varieties.
  • Striped: C. versicolor, reticulatus.
  • Versicolor the flowers are yellow when first open and change generally to a dull blue; sometimes they are permanently yellowish-white.
  • Another instance of mimicry affecting the larval form is supplied by the moth Endromis versicolor, the caterpillars of which resemble the inedible larvae of saw-flies.
  • - The following particulars are from Gray: - Lizards - Pseudopus gracilis (Eur.), Argyrophis Horsfieldii, Salea Horsfieldii, Calotes Maria, C. versicolor, C. minor, C. Emma, Phrynocephalus Tickelii - all Indian forms. A tortoise (Testudo Horsfieldii) appears to be peculiar to Kabul.