Sentence Examples

  • 105, 1809), a climbing Composite plant of the tribe Eupatoriaceae, affecting moist and shady situations, and having a much-branched and deep-growing root, variegated, serrate, opposite leaves and dullwhite flowers, in axillary clusters.
  • Albinism, with which variegated foliage may be considered, concerns a different set of causes, still obscure, and usually regarded as internal, though experiments go to show that some variegations are infectious.
  • Still it is brisk in its movements, and its variegated plumage makes it a pleasing bird.
  • Though the genus Strepsilas seems to be rightly placed among the Charadriidae (see PLOVER), it occupies a somewhat abnormal position among them, and in the form of its short pointed beak and its variegated coloration has hardly any very near relative.
  • The variegated marls of E.

What's another word for variegated?

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