Sentence Examples

  • The Irish setter is red without trace of black, but occasionally flecked with white.
  • Another variety has chocolate glaze, clouded with amber and flecked with gold dust.
  • A very ancient British breed is the black Pembroke; and when this breed tends to albinism, the ears and muzzle, and more rarely the fetlocks, remain completely black, or very dark grey, although the colour elsewhere is whitish, more or less flecked and blotched with pale grey.
  • From all the preceding the tiny dik-diks (Madoqua) of NorthEast Africa differ by their hairy noses, expanded in some species into short trunks; while the widely spread klipspringer, Oreotragus saltator, with its several local races, is unfailingly distinguishable by its rounded blunt hoofs and thick, brittle, golden-flecked hair.
  • He had angular features, a very ruddy complexion, sandy hair, and hazel-flecked, grey eyes.