Sentence Examples

  • With the exception of the Damage and Destruction in Realms - an account of Julius Caesar, his wars and his death - they are all in verse and extremely multifarious - narrative, devotional hagiological, philosophical and scientific, allegorical and moral, historical, satirical and occasional.
  • A substitute for this originality was found at Alexandria in learned research, extended and multifarious knowledge.
  • The whole of this large series of reforms was conducted under his own personal supervision, and upon no part of his multifarious labours did he dwell in his letters home with greater pride.
  • But in Albert it may be said that the matter was still too new and too multifarious to be thoroughly mastered.
  • Through her agency an important bulwark for the Christian faith was created in the new nations which had sprung into existence since the beginning of the middle ages: the Bulgarians, the Servians, and the multifarious peoples grouped under the name of Russians.

What's another word for multifarious?

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