Sentence Examples

  • In spite of his multifarious duties at the foreign office Grenville continued to take a lively interest in domestic matters, which he showed by introducing various bills into the House of Lords.
  • The municipal records of London, its hustings court and city companies, are too multifarious to describe; someclasses of these documents have been exemplified in the worksof Dr R.
  • This coalfield, ministering to the multifarious metal manufactures of Birmingham, constitutes the centre of the Midlands.
  • Through her agency an important bulwark for the Christian faith was created in the new nations which had sprung into existence since the beginning of the middle ages: the Bulgarians, the Servians, and the multifarious peoples grouped under the name of Russians.
  • In March of the following session, that of 1921, while he was in the full swing of his multifarious activities, he suddenly broke down, and was recommended by his medical advisers to abandon his work at once.

What's another word for multifarious?

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